What are the specifications of the basin?

Date:2010年11月1日 17:39

The number of pots is one of the indispensable utensils of the Chinese-style western kitchen. The sales volume and the amount of the utensils are very large and can be used for buffet food and can also be used for storing food raw materials and ingredients in the freezer. This product is also used extensively on the workbench. The size of the basin is generally based on 530 × 325mm pots, that is, usually 1/1, the other specifications are reference to 1/1 basin, with a fraction to represent its size, such as 1/2 that 1 / 1 half of the size; 2/3 is 1/2 two-thirds of the size; and 2/1 that is 1/1 twice the size, and so on, 1/3/1 / 1/6 1/9 and other specifications. The international market has two major categories of basin standard, they are American specifications (American Style) and GN specifications (Gastronorm Pans) The company specializes in providing high-quality stainless steel pots, copies of the number of copies, boxes, food pots and other products The My company is willing to work with all the aspirations of the basin industry has developed a sincere cooperation, create brilliant.

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