Jiangmen Wanhe Stainless Steel Kitchenware Product Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in kitchenware products with brands of “Jinhe” and “Jin Mo Deng”. The main products range from stainless steel sink, business kitchenware, portion basin, stew pan, etc. ...

Advanced equipment, the latest processing technology High standards of materials, first-class technology and high-quality talent 20 years of production experience, competitive prices Quality assurance, on time delivery
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      The edge of the basin to strengthen the design of the product to impact, not easy to deformation - we promise to our customers of our stainless steel basin all the flat edge can be anti-fall, not easy...

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      The number of pots with dishwasher cleaning Note:
      1. Do not mix stainless steel and silverware or silver-plated cutlery in a washing basket, because stainless steel is harder than silver, so it wil...

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      The number of pots is one of the indispensable utensils of the Chinese-style western kitchen. The sales volume and the amount of the utensils are very large and can be used for buffet food and can als...

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